Sublimatic papers

We have the best sublimatic papers, both treated and non-treated, protection papers for calenders and for the direct printing textile.

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Sublimatic papers with coating

Due to continuous innovation developments, we introduced a new 45 gr paper with a unique formula, with high performances, although with a low weight.

Subli superthin 45
Perfect for extrafast printing, with last generation printers, but also with traditional systems as Roland, Epson, Mutho… 45 gr/m2 paper with unique characteristics.
It offers excellent yield, stability, details and range of colours.
High transfer, also with high ink release. Very fast drying.
100% Eco-friendly.

SUPERTHIN 45 for traditional systems
Available width: cm. 162
Reels of 250 mtl.

SUPERTHIN 45 for extra fast printers
Available width: cm.162
Reels of ø40 cm. around 2000 mtl.

Sublithin 65
65 gr/m2 paper that offers high performances and an excellent transfer even with heavy ink loads. Thanks to its high ink release, the contours are highly defined. It is an excellent paper even for printing on wide dimensions. It has a unique coating effect, this make it perfect for sportswear applications.
100% Ecofriendly.
Available width: cm. 162/rolls of 150 mtl.

SUBLI THIN 65 for extra fast printers
Paper of 65 gr. - width of cm. 162
Rolls diameter of 42 cm. / 1500 mtl.
Rolls diameter of 60 cm. / 3500 mtl.

85 gr/m2 fast drying paper with high transfer yield. These characteristics reduce the cockling and preserve contours and details. It has a special adhesive surface that allows a perfect adhesion to the surface where you want to print on, this reduces completely the ghosting effect and producing a perfect result, with a perfect transfer effect. Its special surface also allows to save the ink, reducing the printing costs. It has been studied to print on sportswear, flags, banners, lanyards… It is compatible with dye sublimation printers as Mimaki, Roland, Mutho and Epson.
Available widths:
cm. 81-91-111, 8-132-162-320
Rolls of 120 mtl.

90 gr /m2 paper, with high quality adhesive, mainly suitable for sportswear. It adhere to the fabric during the transfer, eliminating the risk of shadows or ghosting. Despite the waste is reduced to a minimum, the details remain highly well-defined. Its high speed drying time, its transfer yield and its excellent dimensional stability give high defined contours and details.
100% Eco-friendly
Available widths:
cm. 132-162
Rolls of 140 mtl.

Sublimatic papers with no coating

Sublimatic papers with no coating

SUBLI CK 50-60
50 or 60 gr/m2 non-treated paper, used for low resolution sublimatic printing, it is perfect for banners and flags.
Gr. 50 available widths: cm. 112-162-182
Gr. 60 available widths: cm. 112-162

50 or 60 gr/m2 non-treated paper, used for good resolution sublimatic printing, it is normally used in the fashion field.
Gr. 50 e gr. 60 available width: cm. 162
Standard rolls mtl. 250-500-1500