Stable and adjustable size mannequins, set squares, drawing stencils, rulers, tailor measuring tapes, chalks, fabric stencils, vanishing markers, chalk sharpeners, model hangers, bodkins, tracer reels, pattern punch, little hand drills and related die cutters.


Blades and sharpeners for vertical cutters. Round, square, pentagonal, hexagonal or octagonal blades and related grinding machines. Blades and sharpeners for automatic cutting. Blades and grinding machines for band marking. Fastening fabric pincers, round based or sucker based pins. Manual or pneumatic staplers with related stitches. 5 fingers steel chain mail gloves. Scissors, thread clippers, tailor and cutting shears. Tagging guns and fasteners. Various carts, stands and baskets. Pins. Paper, PVC and propylene sellotapes. Belt tensioning devices. Manual and automatic extensible films


Irons with boiler or steam irons. Ironing board covers and canvas. Teflon canvas for presses. Hair removing brushes. Simple or armoured iron shoes.


Size tag cube and disk. Seals of warranty. Dress bags. Turning and adjustable chairs and stools. Coat, shirt, trousers and skirt hangers. Spiral, cast in press and metallic zips. Needles and other sewing machine spare parts.


Manual and progressive pricers for every kind of codification. Different shapes, colours and glues labels, to choose according to the customer’s exigencies. It is also possible to personalize them. Termic transfer printers, with software, with or without cutter, for price tags and composition labels. Adhesive labels on rolls in many shapes. Polyester and satin ribbons.


We supply a huge range of liners, jerseys, thermal adhesives, waddings and tulles. For every article we can give you the colour folder together with the technical file. You might find satin, foulard, saglia, polypiuma, taffeta, jersey and sleeves liners.
Stiff, soft and elastic tulle, with or without sequins are available in a lot of shades and patterns.
Thermal adhesives include layers and compositions that are able to satisfy every need for the shirt industry, for man and women coats and for dye ready fabrics.
We also have the non-woven that can be used for the separation and for many other applications, thanks to its versatility given by the copious number of weights and colours.
Usually it is supplied in reels, but it can be cut in different sizes and formats.
A tablecloth and napkin line is also available, in plain colours or with patterns.